Civil Aviation Authority Pension Scheme

The Civil Aviation Authority Pensions Scheme (CAAPS) continually works to ensure that its members are protected from fraud and to ensure that the scheme is as robust as possible for the benefit of all its members

As part of its overall due diligence CAAPS undertakes a random annual sampling of its members living outside of the UK to ensure that their database and records are accurate and to ensure benefits are being correctly paid

Whilst there is no suggestion that CAAP members are in any way at risk of fraud, the fact is, that within the pensions industry as a whole, the most at risk category are UK expatriates

The CAAPs annual audit is designed to both protect you as an individual and the scheme as a whole and accordingly if selected, we hope you will willing participate in the process


Our role with CAAPS

GHT is currently undertaking its fourth annual audit of pension members living overseas and is the process of making appointment times

Should you have received a letter from CAAPS and wish to book a time please feel free to contact us here

Otherwise we will be emailing all selected members with suggested times and dates and we look forward to hearing from you

Frequently asked questions regarding the annual audit

I have received a letter from CAAPS about you contacting me

If CAAPS have written to you then we will be in touch by email to suggest a time and date for you to receive a telephone call from us

It maybe that the suggested time is not suitable and we will of course do all we can to accommodate you, however please bear in mind we have a large number of CAAPS members to schedule and as such it helps if you have more than one alternative date

Why have I been selected?

The selection process is undertaken by CAAPS. Your inclusion is purely on a random basis and is not in any way a reflection of your individual circumstances

What does GHT contacting me involve?

CAAPS provide us with information that helps us identify you as a pension member which we will use to verify you when we call

In addition, we will ask you some questions relating to your previously employment and so forth that only a genuine member would be able to answer

The entire process should take no more than five minutes, is totally noninvasive and will not require you to divulge any personal or financial details whatsoever

We aim to make the entire exercise as easy as possible and in the event you have particular questions or need us to pass comments back to CAAPS we will happily assist

Why does CAAPS need to use GHT for this purpose?

Given that the annual exercise can last for many weeks and with the co-ordination of so many differing times zones CAAPS does not have the necessary manpower

By outsourcing the project the scheme is able to provide a cost effective solution for the audit required by the trustees that would otherwise take CAAPS staff away from their normal duties

By using GHT the scheme receive an unbiased service and is able to accommodate the time differences associated with pension members living overseas which means they are not required to fit in to standard UK office hours

What happens if I miss my appointment time?

We understand that you may not always be able to keep to the time and date agreed and we will always help reschedule where possible

It is important that let us know in advance but should something unexpected occur on the day then simply drop us an email and we will reply with an alternative time and date


Please feel free to ask us anything

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