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GHT is proud to represent a wide range of Financial Institutions including pension companies, banks and major UK plc’s

We also assist Pension Trustees, Administrators, Solicitors & other professions to locate clients and members with whom they would like to communicate but where they no longer hold current contact details

For more detail on or business to business services please feel free to contact us here

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Premier is a benefits consultancy aiming to transform the quality of service within the UK pensions industry. Premiers award winning administration service is regarded as one of the highest quality in the market

Responsible for Pensions such as Veolia, Cable & Wireless, Kenwake, Murco & Cancer Research Visit

The Pension Protection Fund was established to pay compensation to members of eligible defined benefit pension schemes, when there is a qualifying insolvency event in relation to the employer and where there are insufficient assets in the pension scheme to cover Pension Protection Fund levels of compensation Visit

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Representing schemes such as Thorn EMI, Vesuvius plc & Cadbury, Pension Insurance Corporation provides tailored pension insurance buyouts and buy-ins, or bulk annuities, to the trustees and sponsors of UK defined benefit pension funds Visit

CAAPS is the Civil Aviation Authority Pension Scheme, and was set up in 1973 for the then newly-established Civil Aviation Authority

After the Government separated the business of air traffic control to NATS in the run-up to the establishment of its public-private partnership in 2001, the Scheme was continued in two sections - the CAA and NATS sections

Both the CAA and NATS Sections are now closed to new entrants however, this website continues to provide information for all current members, deferred members, pensioners and beneficiaries of members of CAAPS

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